Monday, 5 June 2017

1 day to go...

Still no sign of the babe. She has one more day before I start charging her for outstaying her welcome. I would quite like my body back now!
Midwife visit was interesting, I have been told she is quite far round to the side - not completely back to back but rather twisted round so I have been spending my weekend trying to get her to move over. I think she does move over a bit when I sleep on my left side but as soon as I get up and walk around she just goes back to where she was - very annoying. Apparently her being in this position can make labour harder and longer - great. It's all fun and games this baby lark! I suppose after waiting this long what's another two weeks - if we have to do that?!  Although I am starting to get fed up wearing the same 3 things that fit me. Wearing my normal clothes is something I am looking forward to, along with using the toilet a normal number of times and being able to breathe in when trying to get through a small gap!

I'm seeing the midwife again tomorrow, we will see if she can move anything along and get this baby out before the weekend! My new prediction is that she will come on election day (Thurs) as I have been asking for a while how would I vote if I'm in labour? I won't be able to just pop down to the polling station - I'm pretty sure I won't really care.

The pain in my pelvis is worse - I'm taking this as a good sign, and as of Friday my blood pressure had not gone up any more, although my feet have. It's a bit like walking on balloons.
Hopefully the next time I write anything I will have a tiny (hopefully) child with exciting!

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