Friday, 28 April 2017

39 days to go

Well today is my last day at work, obviously haven't gone in yet but come this evening it will all be over for a year!
Went to see the midwife on wednesday, she said that the baby is 'on the brim', which initially made me think we might be having an early baby appearance but it seems that this is not the case and the baby can take ages (weeks) to descend, ooer :s
Our homework for the next two weeks is to think about a 'birth plan' - my current plan is to get the baby out as quickly as possible, but like the midwife said, your birth plan doesn't always go to plan, so we will see what happens on the day. I was watching 'one born every minute' the other day, I know it is probably not the best thing to be watching, but they had a woman on there who was in to calming music, dim lights and getting in the pool. Now, on all websites you go on and birthing classes you look into it says that this is a great way to stay calm whilst in labour. However, I do think out of all the people I saw on this programme, this woman was the one who seemed in the most pain. So, regardless of a birth plan, it will hurt, I will shout, it will be scary but I plan to push out a baby - I think it is that part that I need to remember the most.

Monday, 24 April 2017

43 days to go...

Have got through my last working weekend, yay! Two working days in a row was hard, my hips hurt a lot last night meaning no position was comfortable to lie in, but I think I only woke up four times...could be worse.
This weekend also saw the beginnings of baby furniture building, which despite initial concerns actually went quite well and we now, at least, have a chest of drawers to put things in and a cot to rest various teddies on. Still have to build a wardrobe though which might be a bit more complicated.

This weekend in the 'pregnancy bible' it talks about the hospital bag. I've got a few things together just in case, however I probably won't need it until half way through June. On the list are things like 'old tshirts', 'breast pads', 'super absorbent sanitary towels'...things that fill you with confidence, my poor body will never be the same again. However, on every list I've seen so far for 'expectant dads' the number one item to take is 'snacks', closely followed by something to keep you entertained (phone, book etc), as you are most likely there for the long haul. So while I'm there in agony, with various bodily fluids leaking from all sorts of places, pushing something out of me which was a hell of a lot smaller when it went in, at least I can be assured that the expectant daddy is well fed and not bored. I suppose he has proved he can build baby furniture - got to think of the positives!  

Friday, 21 April 2017

46 days to go...

Today I had my last hair cut before the appearance of little heinz. I'm going to be doing many 'lasts' over the next few weeks, my last weekend at work this weekend, my last day on friday, the last time I can get out of the bath without assistance...
I have had a bath a few times now, listening to my 'calming music' cd, trying to associate being relaxed with the music in the background and the warm water, all ready for the ideal birthing situation. It then comes to getting out of the bath, which is about as relaxing as a whale finding itself beached at weston super mare. I have to do a sort of roll on to my side and then heave myself up, throwing water all over the place.  I then have to get dressed which in itself is a palava and not particularly relaxing, but I suppose I am trying! I now only have a bath when Simon is in the house, as one day soon my climbing out days will be over. I also think my 'getting into the bathroom cupboard' days are coming to an end, as my stomach expands I get further away from the sink and then can't reach high enough to get in the cupboard...they don't tell you these things in the 'pregnancy bible'.
Today's installment in the 'pregnancy bible' was all about taking it easy at work and deciding whether or not you wish to work until the last minute...stuff that idea, this time next week I'll have under 6 hours to go, yay!!  

Thursday, 20 April 2017

47 days to go...

Already lacking in things to do and not even on maternity leave yet. I have been advised to write a story, come up with a poem, draw a picture, so here I am writing a blog on my experience of growing a small person.
I think before getting pregnant the idea of having a baby is all happiness and light unfortunately once pregnant and you are in the throes of nausea, back ache, hip pain and constant trips to the toilet, you do start to wonder where this idea of the 'glowing pregnant woman' has come from. I think the only glowing I do is when I wake up in the middle of the night sweating because it is so hot (10 degrees) and I've fallen off my mountain of pillows unable to breathe as my lovely little heinz has got her feet in my lungs. I don't remember these images being in my mind before finding myself with child.

I think I should explain the 'little heinz' thing. According to the pregnancy bible (which I have on the coffee table and read daily in the hope that things will improve) many people call their bump a bean - the baby obviously being bean size at some point in its development. Heinz is a bean variety. Simple as. She was called Branston for a short time but due to her slight German heritage Heinz was more appropriate. However, we did start calling her Heinz before we knew she was a girl, hopefully by the time she is born we will have come up with a better name - Heinzella doesn't really roll off the tongue and reminds me a bit of Godzilla.

So, over 33 weeks done. This last part is dragging a bit. I keep telling little heinz she is more than welcome to make an appearance a bit early - please please come a bit early. Especially after last weeks scan which suggested she was 4 1/2 pounds already - maybe Godzilla is an appropriate name after all.  As a first timer the idea of pushing that out is a scary one. I was reading up on this in my coffee table 'pregnancy bible' which suggests using perineal massage - I won't go into details but lets just say it is something I will not be doing - it actually makes labour seem more appealing (and should probably not be something left out on the coffee table).

And on that cheery note I will leave it there. Having slept on the sofa for 3 hours last night after waking up with acid reflux and pain all down my side I might need a nap. I never thought sleeping would be so hard. At least during my times of pain little heinz is always there to give me a good hard kick in the ribs to remind she is still there and in a few short weeks will be out and keeping her daddy awake too!

-5 days to go...

Still here...getting a bit bored now, think my boredom threshold is only so long and I'm now running out of things to keep me occupied! ...