Sunday, 11 June 2017

-5 days to go...

Still here...getting a bit bored now, think my boredom threshold is only so long and I'm now running out of things to keep me occupied!

I have read about 'over due' babies every day since Tuesday and they still say the same thing - the baby is not necessarily 'over due' and she will come out eventually.
It may be that this time next week I will be in hospital being induced, not something I want to happen but at least I know there is an end to all this baby growing. And there is still quite a likelihood that she will make an appearance before then, just have to keep fingers crossed and see.

I have been walking around as much as possibly and bouncing around on the exercise ball so much it has needed re-inflating several times! I try and do all the cleaning and washing my car but have decided that exercise doesn't seem to make any difference to this predicament. Today I have managed to paint my toe nails - not an easy feat but I thought some bending over might help move things along - I think I've just sent her to sleep.

Each day that goes by is more painful. Moving my legs makes me feel as though I'm breaking apart and the pain in my hip from trying my hardest to stay on my left hand side, is horrendous. But, like I said there is only one more week at most. I'm sure after the past (almost) 41 weeks I can get through another week. I'm just going to have to find some other things to keep me occupied. I've managed to watch almost every episode of the six series of Downton Abbey in the past few weeks - I was hoping she would be here before I finished all of them - we shall see!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

- 2 days to go...

Well we are still here, waiting and wondering how long this will take. No signs or symptoms as of yet although I think each day that goes by makes existing that bit more uncomfortable.

Went to see the midwife Tuesday and was asked whether I wanted the 'stretch and sweep'...I'm not sure whether wanting it is quite the right phrase but I agreed. Si said it was disgusting - wait until he witnesses childbirth. Anyway, it hasn't seemed to have had any effect and when she 'scored' me I came back as a 3/11 and I think that was her being generous. Basically means the likelihood of having a baby soon was quite slim. I think this next week will be the longest, unless of course anything happens.
My body continues to swell like a balloon. I have taken to wearing socks today to see if I can squeeze the water from my feet and back up my legs, so far this has resulted in a bulge appearing mid shin on each leg - not attractive. At least my feet are looking flatter :s

In good news the babe appears to have moved round a bit - all that learning over the exercise ball appears to have made something of a difference, although I'm fairly sure it's a case of she likes to move around a lot. This may be why she is not coming out - too tight a space and not a lot of wriggle room cannot be that appealing. 

And in not so good news my 'pregnancy bible' has now moved on to discussing 'the first days with your new baby' - I think they are just rubbing it in. I have been cheated into thinking I would have a baby by now. It's obviously not as easy as all that!

Monday, 5 June 2017

1 day to go...

Still no sign of the babe. She has one more day before I start charging her for outstaying her welcome. I would quite like my body back now!
Midwife visit was interesting, I have been told she is quite far round to the side - not completely back to back but rather twisted round so I have been spending my weekend trying to get her to move over. I think she does move over a bit when I sleep on my left side but as soon as I get up and walk around she just goes back to where she was - very annoying. Apparently her being in this position can make labour harder and longer - great. It's all fun and games this baby lark! I suppose after waiting this long what's another two weeks - if we have to do that?!  Although I am starting to get fed up wearing the same 3 things that fit me. Wearing my normal clothes is something I am looking forward to, along with using the toilet a normal number of times and being able to breathe in when trying to get through a small gap!

I'm seeing the midwife again tomorrow, we will see if she can move anything along and get this baby out before the weekend! My new prediction is that she will come on election day (Thurs) as I have been asking for a while how would I vote if I'm in labour? I won't be able to just pop down to the polling station - I'm pretty sure I won't really care.

The pain in my pelvis is worse - I'm taking this as a good sign, and as of Friday my blood pressure had not gone up any more, although my feet have. It's a bit like walking on balloons.
Hopefully the next time I write anything I will have a tiny (hopefully) child with exciting!

Friday, 2 June 2017

4 days to go...

Well, my theory that little Heinz would be born on June 2nd is obviously incorrect, unless anything drastic happens between now and midnight! I think she has settled in for the long haul. It is quite disheartening to think she may still be in there this time in two weeks, eugh.

Off to the midwife again in a bit to check the blood pressure. My feet are like balloons, even flip flops are leaving marks on them. I'm quite glad it is summer as shoes have really taken a back seat this last week!

The 'pregnancy bible' does not have much to say at the moment and I've discovered it only takes pregnancy up to day 0 and then has a brief page about being over due and that's it... what will I read every morning then? Since day 100(ish) I have diligently turned the page and not 'read on'. What will keep me going now? Even looking up things online has gotten a bit boring. I don't think there is much for anyone to tell you once you get this far. The baby has grown and everything else I guess I should know by now!

In other news my hip/pelvis is still very much in pain, I am really really looking forward to being able to walk for longer than 5 minutes...wearing shoes...without waddling..those days are a distant memory.

Monday, 29 May 2017

8 days to go...

No baby yet, although she still has time before her eviction is served.
I've now started thinking about the advice I've been given to bring on labour - sex and curry apparently, although I'm not particularly convinced by this. I'm pretty sure curry will give me serious heartburn, as would sex probably (most things do). Then there are more unusual labour inducing methods such as drinking raspberry tea or eating pineapple. Both of these are likely to also come with indigestion and you would probably have to eat a large number of pineapples before anything happened and drink an awful lot of tea - I spend a lot of time in the toilet as it is! And I don't like tea.

I went for a walk yesterday - another suggestion - it was quite a short walk but was enough to leave me barely able to move as the evening went on. I don't think my pelvis is up for much movement anymore. My hip pain, along with a dreadful stitch and severe cramp in my leg this morning all led me to think that maybe the babe was on the way. Unfortunately the agonising pain has now gone and little Heinz seems to have returned to her comfortable position for at least the near future.

While in pain last night, Si was trying to be helpful and looking up 'hip pain in pregnancy' and how to improve it, which is a helpful thing to do until the suggestions go from 'resting and doing gentle exercise' to 'do the ironing sitting down' - really?? Doing the ironing is not the first thing that springs to mind when I think my pelvic area is about to fall out of my body :s Maybe other women are different...

In other news my feet are now spending their days inflating like balloons, luckily they still tend to improve over night, despite the fact I get up and walk around so often. Spent a few more hours on the sofa last night, largely because I have now started making snorting noises if I sleep in certain positions. So very attractive. My body had better return to its normal state, I feel like I've become some sort of human alien - not long now.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

13 days to go...

Well the babe is still inside, nothing exciting has happened yet. I think she is moving down slowly though, as I sometimes feel she is trying to break free, pushing down on my pelvis and making me walk like John Wayne :s I see the midwife again on Friday and am really hoping she has some different news to 'she is on the brim' - which is where she has been for weeks!

I have taken to sleeping on the sofa more often - it's actually quite comfortable once you are awake at 2am and fancy a change of scenery. I've never wandered around the house so much in the middle of the night, not that it's really any different to the daytime. I thought I would be more tired due to my night time excursions, however I don't think I feel any different to when I have a good night's sleep. My body is obviously fully prepared for being woken up by a baby - that's just something Si will have to get used to!

Baby Heinz (and myself, oddly) went to her great grandmother's funeral yesterday. She was so very close to meeting her but at least when little Heinz is older I can tell her she did go to the funeral. I feel like I am starting the next generation, which is quite a special thing. Although I don't anticipate replacing all her great grandparents with babies, they would not all fit in the car for one and Si would not be happy with all that time I would take off work!

The 'pregnancy bible' has not been particularly informative as of late. It talks about how uncomfortable I will be getting (I know) and how I must make sure I make time to rest (I know) and how doing shorts bursts of exercise - swimming/walking - is good to get the baby moving. I am trying, I go swimming, little walks, clean, shop - surely she must be coming soon.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

19 days to go...

We went for our last scan yesterday, all seems fine and her dodgy kidney might not be as dodgy as they first thought - always a bonus!
We were in a teeny tiny room for the scan with no fewer than 6 people in there, it got a bit hot and being made to lie on my back for 15 minutes was hard work. You get constantly told to lie on your side but go in for a scan and there is no other option but to be on your back - there must be a better way! After about 5 minutes my insides started to feel crushed, even the midwife (one of the many people who was in there with us) said that my stomach was looking very stretched - there is a monster in there squashing my lungs!!
What was slightly worrying was that the woman who started scanning me was having terrible trouble finding the baby kidneys and then was having even more trouble deciding which was the left one and which was the right one - fills you with confidence! Thankfully the consultant man took over eventually.
We got the report at the end and little heinz is generally average size except her stomach is almost off the 'normal' scale and appears larger than her head - slightly worrying maybe when it comes to pushing her out. They have also estimated her current weight at just over 7lbs - she had better not be thinking about coming out late. It is bad enough thinking how much more weight this giant child can put on in the next 2 and a half weeks :s hopefully it won't all go to her stomach!
I was reading up on how the can estimate the weight of the baby and apparently it really is quite an estimate and can often easily go a pound either way - either way??? This means she might be near 8lbs - my body will never be the same again. I'm giving birth to a baby elephant.

In other pregnancy news I keep bashing my stomach on things, mainly doors where I forget they need to be opened wider than what I'm used to. I have discovered that when using a public toilet you walk in with your stomach almost overhanging the toilet and quite easily can shut the door behind you. However, when walking out there is no where for the stomach to hide before you open the door towards you. You then have an awkward few minutes where you realise you are stuck behind the door and have to do a twisty round maneuver to get out of the toilet. It is actually easier to exit the toilet backwards, as this gives you much more room, if a few funny looks.

Less than 3 weeks to go and these issues will all be in the past! Although, more than likely to be replaced by new issues - it is not an easy ride!

-5 days to go...

Still here...getting a bit bored now, think my boredom threshold is only so long and I'm now running out of things to keep me occupied! ...