Friday, 28 April 2017

39 days to go

Well today is my last day at work, obviously haven't gone in yet but come this evening it will all be over for a year!
Went to see the midwife on wednesday, she said that the baby is 'on the brim', which initially made me think we might be having an early baby appearance but it seems that this is not the case and the baby can take ages (weeks) to descend, ooer :s
Our homework for the next two weeks is to think about a 'birth plan' - my current plan is to get the baby out as quickly as possible, but like the midwife said, your birth plan doesn't always go to plan, so we will see what happens on the day. I was watching 'one born every minute' the other day, I know it is probably not the best thing to be watching, but they had a woman on there who was in to calming music, dim lights and getting in the pool. Now, on all websites you go on and birthing classes you look into it says that this is a great way to stay calm whilst in labour. However, I do think out of all the people I saw on this programme, this woman was the one who seemed in the most pain. So, regardless of a birth plan, it will hurt, I will shout, it will be scary but I plan to push out a baby - I think it is that part that I need to remember the most.

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