Wednesday, 24 May 2017

13 days to go...

Well the babe is still inside, nothing exciting has happened yet. I think she is moving down slowly though, as I sometimes feel she is trying to break free, pushing down on my pelvis and making me walk like John Wayne :s I see the midwife again on Friday and am really hoping she has some different news to 'she is on the brim' - which is where she has been for weeks!

I have taken to sleeping on the sofa more often - it's actually quite comfortable once you are awake at 2am and fancy a change of scenery. I've never wandered around the house so much in the middle of the night, not that it's really any different to the daytime. I thought I would be more tired due to my night time excursions, however I don't think I feel any different to when I have a good night's sleep. My body is obviously fully prepared for being woken up by a baby - that's just something Si will have to get used to!

Baby Heinz (and myself, oddly) went to her great grandmother's funeral yesterday. She was so very close to meeting her but at least when little Heinz is older I can tell her she did go to the funeral. I feel like I am starting the next generation, which is quite a special thing. Although I don't anticipate replacing all her great grandparents with babies, they would not all fit in the car for one and Si would not be happy with all that time I would take off work!

The 'pregnancy bible' has not been particularly informative as of late. It talks about how uncomfortable I will be getting (I know) and how I must make sure I make time to rest (I know) and how doing shorts bursts of exercise - swimming/walking - is good to get the baby moving. I am trying, I go swimming, little walks, clean, shop - surely she must be coming soon.

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