Thursday, 18 May 2017

19 days to go...

We went for our last scan yesterday, all seems fine and her dodgy kidney might not be as dodgy as they first thought - always a bonus!
We were in a teeny tiny room for the scan with no fewer than 6 people in there, it got a bit hot and being made to lie on my back for 15 minutes was hard work. You get constantly told to lie on your side but go in for a scan and there is no other option but to be on your back - there must be a better way! After about 5 minutes my insides started to feel crushed, even the midwife (one of the many people who was in there with us) said that my stomach was looking very stretched - there is a monster in there squashing my lungs!!
What was slightly worrying was that the woman who started scanning me was having terrible trouble finding the baby kidneys and then was having even more trouble deciding which was the left one and which was the right one - fills you with confidence! Thankfully the consultant man took over eventually.
We got the report at the end and little heinz is generally average size except her stomach is almost off the 'normal' scale and appears larger than her head - slightly worrying maybe when it comes to pushing her out. They have also estimated her current weight at just over 7lbs - she had better not be thinking about coming out late. It is bad enough thinking how much more weight this giant child can put on in the next 2 and a half weeks :s hopefully it won't all go to her stomach!
I was reading up on how the can estimate the weight of the baby and apparently it really is quite an estimate and can often easily go a pound either way - either way??? This means she might be near 8lbs - my body will never be the same again. I'm giving birth to a baby elephant.

In other pregnancy news I keep bashing my stomach on things, mainly doors where I forget they need to be opened wider than what I'm used to. I have discovered that when using a public toilet you walk in with your stomach almost overhanging the toilet and quite easily can shut the door behind you. However, when walking out there is no where for the stomach to hide before you open the door towards you. You then have an awkward few minutes where you realise you are stuck behind the door and have to do a twisty round maneuver to get out of the toilet. It is actually easier to exit the toilet backwards, as this gives you much more room, if a few funny looks.

Less than 3 weeks to go and these issues will all be in the past! Although, more than likely to be replaced by new issues - it is not an easy ride!

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