Monday, 15 May 2017

22 days to go...

Another weekend been and gone. Maybe our last weekend where we 'go out' before the baby - how scary. Little Heinz is considered perfectly safe to arrive any time as of tomorrow, let's hope we are not waiting too long after that, as the anticipation is getting too much!

I was in the swimming pool the other day with the mother when she asked what I would do if I went swimming one day and went into labour while I was in the pool..I hadn't really given this much thought. As of then I now only go swimming with a swimming buddy :s At least I would be in the right environment for giving birth, as the whole being in water thing appeals quite a bit! Maybe other swimmers would not be so keen on the idea, can't think why?!
This got me thinking, what would I do if I was driving down the motorway and went into labour? Or I was in the supermarket or anywhere else that was away from home where I was on my own? This is something else that is not mentioned in the 'pregnancy bible' - I'm finding there are many many gaps in this book! I suppose I'm not planning on ever going very far and I can't imagine that going into labour and actually ending up with a baby happen particularly close together. Maybe this is why I'm wanting to spend more and more time at home. Perhaps it is an instinct thing as the time gets ever closer. I'm sure cavewomen were banished to caves when giving birth time got closer - no-one wants to be out hunting mammoths when labour starts.

Anyway, last scan coming up on Wednesday - another 'last' approaching - after that we have to wait to see her for real, yay!  

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