Thursday, 11 May 2017

26 days to go...

This morning I made a discovery...I do have ankle bones after all! I think the warm weather yesterday made me swell up a bit leading to my mother exclaiming how fat my ankles were - abnormally so apparently - how kind. In comparison to today's ankle width I think they may have been a bit on the chubby side but I think the water has drained back into the system. I wonder if last nights 500 trips to the toilet had something to do with the diminishing chubbiness?
Anyway, today's woe has been a reoccurring stitch on the lower right side - I think I may have pulled a muscle, unfortunately this has happened whilst lying on the sofa (a way to prevent ankle swelling) and rolling over like the whale woman that I am, to go and get my lunch. Why is procreating this hard?? I am actually surprised that the world is, apparently, overpopulated. I'm sure no one needs to put themselves through this more that a couple of times!

Enough of woes: today's installment in the 'pregnancy bible' is all about nesting. How we apparently get all the house clean and tidy in preparation for the babe. I'm pretty sure little Heinz is not going to be too worried if the cupboards aren't cleaned, however I have been spending the day clearing out the wardrobe - oh no, I am an accurate statistic :s It also mentions that the man may start to 'nest' as well and he might do things like 'clean the car' or 'tidy the shed'. It is good to see that gender stereotypes have not died! There is also not much chance of any 'male nesting' in this house - a. we haven't got a shed and b. I don't think the car has been cleaned since 2011, so a baby Heinz is unlikely to change a habit of a lifetime!

Can't believe I have now been off work for 2 weeks - where did that time go? I think it is all lost in a haze of pain, going to the toilet and cleaning tasks! I should make the most of this time as it will all be different once she is here - not long now and all very exciting :)

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