Thursday, 8 June 2017

- 2 days to go...

Well we are still here, waiting and wondering how long this will take. No signs or symptoms as of yet although I think each day that goes by makes existing that bit more uncomfortable.

Went to see the midwife Tuesday and was asked whether I wanted the 'stretch and sweep'...I'm not sure whether wanting it is quite the right phrase but I agreed. Si said it was disgusting - wait until he witnesses childbirth. Anyway, it hasn't seemed to have had any effect and when she 'scored' me I came back as a 3/11 and I think that was her being generous. Basically means the likelihood of having a baby soon was quite slim. I think this next week will be the longest, unless of course anything happens.
My body continues to swell like a balloon. I have taken to wearing socks today to see if I can squeeze the water from my feet and back up my legs, so far this has resulted in a bulge appearing mid shin on each leg - not attractive. At least my feet are looking flatter :s

In good news the babe appears to have moved round a bit - all that learning over the exercise ball appears to have made something of a difference, although I'm fairly sure it's a case of she likes to move around a lot. This may be why she is not coming out - too tight a space and not a lot of wriggle room cannot be that appealing. 

And in not so good news my 'pregnancy bible' has now moved on to discussing 'the first days with your new baby' - I think they are just rubbing it in. I have been cheated into thinking I would have a baby by now. It's obviously not as easy as all that!

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